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About NTrak

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GRVS follows the NTrak standard. An NTrak Booklet that describes the standard is available from the NTrak website.

The NTRAK concept was popularized by Ben Davis in 1973 who led an exhibit at the 1973 MRIA show in Costa Mesa, CA. NTRAK's first national exposure came at the 1974 National Model Railroad Convention held in San Diego, CA. He also helped found the Belmont Shore RR Club in Southern California (NTRAK defines a portable module standard for N-scale model railroads).

The NTRAK modules are used to build large display layouts as well as home and club layouts. Modelers from all over the world can build modules, bring them to a show, connect to the next module, and become part of a giant N scale layout. To be sure that each module fits the next one to it, a set of standards was worked out.

Over 80 clubs around the world are now using the modules for all or part of their club layouts. Some have semi-permanent quarters and others assemble the layout in space rented or borrowed for just that meeting. With careful attention to detail, quick assembly and reliable operation can be achieved.

NTRAK layouts combine the beautifully detailed modules with long trains running on the two main tracks. A third track, the branch line, is used for picking up and setting out cars at the many industries along the way.

A complete history of the NTRAK concept and links to alternative modular systems and to many clubs may be found at the NTRAK website

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